Community Board 1 Meeting Tonight – Please Spread The Word

Tonight, Tuesday June 21st, 6pm, the Community Board 1 Seaport/Civic Center Committee will meet at the Southbridge Towers Community Room, 90 Beekman Street.

(South Street) Seaport Museum Board Chairman Frank Sciame is expected to attend and answer questions.

If you recall, Museum President and CEO Mary Ellen Pelzer was expected at the last CB1 meeting in May. She was a no-show, sending this letter in her place. In order to insure Mr. Sciame’s attendance at tonight’s meeting, the Community Board has sent him this letter. It is clear they mean business, and will not accept further manipulation.

The meeting has been moved to the Southbridge Community Room in expectation of a larger than usual crowd. It is important crucial essential that we overflow the venue and show how serious we are about saving this museum.

If you are going to attend only one meeting, make it this one. Bring your parents. Bring your kids. Bring your neighbors. Post to your various social media sites. Rekindle friendships and bring them along. Seriously, we need people.

The Museum is the first item on the agenda, so you will not have to give up your entire evening. Please come on time!

The community room is in the center of the Southbridge complex:

Yes, all the way in there.

If you're standing in front of McDonald's on Fulton Street and this is what you see, walk straight ahead.

The Community Room is behind Squires Diner.

If you’re hopelessly lost, or you’re planning ahead and you PLAN to be hopelessly lost, call us at (347)6-PIER16.

See you Tuesday!

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