A Seaport Update [Updated]

Here are some photos from this morning at South Street. Under the auspices of the NYC Economic Development Corporation, who appear to have taken over the decision-making from the museum administration and are calling the shots on the piers, we’re seeing activity and preparation for Hurricane Irene.

Offers of expertise and manpower have been rebuffed over the last few days.

[Update: We neglected to say below that Tug W.O. Decker is also underway up the Hudson with Schooners Pioneer and Lettie G. Howard. No photo, unfortunately. Also, two new photos added below, Pioneer and Lettie departing this morning.]

Extra lines out from the ships.

Wavertree beginning to be tethered to Pier 15.

Extra lines to the spud barge.

Schooner Lettie G. Howard has departed for Kingston.

Justin is ready for anything.

Pioneer is also running for Kingston.

Helen McAllister has her hatches shut tight.

A new shot of Lettie departing Pier 16 this morning.

Another new shot, Pioneer underway this morning.

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8 Responses to A Seaport Update [Updated]

  1. Theresa Danks says:

    Huzzah for the EDC. But if they don’t clean up the deck of the barge, and probably Wavertree, the neighbors won’t be happy about all the debris through their windows.

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  3. tugster says:

    it’s great to see pioneer underway for the first time in months. it’s great to see someone acting decisively instead of ducking “invites” from community board #1 to explain WHAT is going on. can some clarification now be forthcoming? is EDC in charge of the boats? is this the beginning of the dissolution of the SSSM collection? will the schooners return? to what? as the storm approaches, why has Decker NOT departed for the same safety as the schooners? who crewed the schooners?

  4. Tugster, to answer one of your questions – W.O. Decker did depart this morning with the schooners. We neglected to mention it (no photo). Updated the post to clarify.

  5. Jeff says:

    Good thing someone played the grownup. It would have been awfully convenient if the storm had just trashed everything.

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  8. Jen R says:

    edc, fascist and unaccountable to anyone

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