This Weekend and Beyond

Here is the Saturday scoop from Beth:

Hi Volunteers, Here is the agenda for Saturday from Jay:

“Things are happening and it’s beautiful outside!

This weekend, as with last weekend, we’ll continue to divide and conquer, with projects here at the museum as well as in the shipyard on Pioneer.  Ambrose continues to be our focal point, with other waterfront projects popping up here and there as we continue to look to forward to the departure of Marion M, Helen McAllister and the car float.

Richard reports that there’s plenty still to be done on Pioneer, and that things have been going quite well with the many and varied projects that are being undertaken. For those of you making the trip to the yard, Richard has requested rags and plastic containers for painting.

As we move forward with yard and into the Pioneer sailing season, we will continue to have projects ongoing here on the waterfront, and would love for all of you to continue to come down on Saturdays.

As always, thanks for everything you’ve all done and will do – we really couldn’t continue to operate without you all.  PLEASE, PLEASE try to RSVP by 3:00 tomorrow – FRIDAY – AND BE SURE TO LET US KNOW WHERE YOU INTEND TO BE!  It really helps us plan out the day.

See you on Saturday,

And, thanks from me, too!!

Beth Childs
Volunteer Coordinator

If you have any energy left after Saturday, Harbor School will have students out at the Navy Yard on Sunday, and needs volunteers! 10am-5pm. Call (347)6-PIER16 for details and info about pickups/rides.

You guys are really knocking it out of the park with donations for Schooner Lettie G. Howard (see the thermometer at upper right). Please keep the momentum up! Donations through SOS are still being matched by anonymous donors!

We have scheduled our next meeting for April 17th, to follow the Community Board 1 Seaport Committee meeting at the Seaport. Location to be confirmed, but please plan to come.

And yes, despite the Pioneer to Tottenville photos in this post, we know we still owe you Ambrose return photos. Coming soon!

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