Pioneer Is Back, Saturday Maintenance, All About Tugs, and more…

Pioneer returned to the car float this afternoon, and is ready for a little more TLC.

Beth Childs writes:

Now for Saturday – This just in from Jay Amster:

We’ll be in full swing Saturday with projects galore. As Pioneer ramps up for her sailing season, we’re also continuing to focus on the imminent departure of the car float, Helen McAllister and Marion M.

The Pioneer float returned from the shipyard earlier this week, and looks great.

Thanks again to everyone who’s trekked all the way out to Garpo to work in the shipyard! We’re looking forward to having Pioneer back here!

Since this is a three holiday weekend (Good Friday, Passover, Easter) it is particularly important that you let me know you will be coming on Saturday to work.  Send to

We really do appreciate each and every one of you!

Beth Childs
Volunteer Coordinator

Our friends at the Working Harbor Committee are holding an event on April 17th called All About Tugs. Looks like an interesting evening of documentaries and panel discussions with towing professionals.

Details and tickets are here.

April 17th is also the date of our next meeting, and we hope to see you. More on that soon.

Finally, we have a reprint of an article about the museum written by the son of one of our members (and Pioneer volunteer), Bridget Schuy. Mikey’s article appeared in the Front Page Frog, the fifth grade newspaper of local Public School 234. (Click pages to view larger.)

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