Final Reminder and Talking Points for Tonight’s Town Hall Meeting

Final Reminder:

Scroll down for talking points for tonight’s meeting…

CB1 Seaport Town Hall Meeting
Monday, January 13th
Pace University – 1 Pace Plaza
B-level – Student Union (Map)

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.58.02 AMFrom Community Board 1:

“Community Board 1 Town Hall meeting on the Howard Hughes Corporation’s proposed development plans for the South Street Seaport including the Tin Building, New Market Building and surrounding area.

All are invited to speak.

For more information, call 212-442-5050.”

Let’s be there in full force and protect the South Street Seaport Historic District from developers. You are welcome to speak publicly, as many of us will.

* * * * *

Should you choose to attend or speak tonight, here is some further information and talking points:

Doors will open at 6 and a large crowd is expected. If you are signing up to speak (and please do take two minutes of free speech!) remember to sign up as an individual. SOS will be making a five minute presentation at the beginning of the evening, so additional remarks will not be taken from the organization.  This does not prevent you from voicing your own opinion, so let’s make our voices heard!

Here are some basic goals and points that we hold in common for the Seaport that will certainly bear repeating. We are calling for:

An inclusive master planning process

Public assets for public use

Support for the South Street Seaport Museum

And saying with every word,

The Seaport development is NOT a done deal

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One Response to Final Reminder and Talking Points for Tonight’s Town Hall Meeting

  1. Seaport Resident says:

    An investigation needs to be done at NYCEDC how they cut this deal and now all the players don’t work there anymore. Something fishy at the Seaport.

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